Lakeside Veterinary Hospital Carries Quality Pet Meds for Pet Owners in Carbondale and Marion.

If you’re looking for affordable pet meds, look no further. Our veterinary hospital serves top quality medication to local pets in Carbondale, Marion & surrounding communities. We provide comprehensive exams for new patients at affordable rates and stock a full pharmacy of medications, so that your pet needs can be met quickly, and at low cost. Here are some examples of what our pharmacy provides:

  • Prescription MedicationsPet Meds In Marion and Carbondale
  • Heartworm Preventatives
  • Intestinal Parasite preventatives
  • Flea and Tick Preventatives
  • Pet food (regular and dietary)
  • Dental Care

Whether or not your pet is in need of immediate medical attention, we suggest you make an appointment today with our experienced and caring veterinarian. Preventative medicine is the best possible way to keep your family pet healthy and happy, and our veterinarian is committed to maintaining your pet’s optimal health. Call our expert medical team today at (618) 529-2236!

The Danger of Obtaining Pet Meds From Unreliable Online Pharmacies

As you probably know, there are many veterinary internet pharmacies, and they often advertise extremely low prices. However, both brand name and generic drugs can be counterfeit, and the authenticity of the labels can be difficult to recognize. Many of these sites also offer drugs that are past expiration date or incorrectly stored, which reduces the effectiveness of the medication. In fact, some counterfeit drugs might contain no active ingredients at all, which means your pet’s health is being seriously compromised.

Online pet pharmacies that are not affiliated with a veterinary clinic are not legally permitted to buy their supplies from veterinary pharmaceutical companies. Consequently, they purchase mostly counterfeit or copycat drugs from unreliable overseas suppliers. Because they are processed in unknown facilities that are not regulated, there is also the possibility of contamination of drugs due to processing in nonsterile conditions.

Looking For Pet Meds In Carbondale or Marion?

Trust Lakeside Veterinary Online Pharmacy for Your Pet Meds

At Lakeside Veterinary Hospital, you can trust the source of our pet meds. Our convenient online pharmacy is guaranteed to provide your pet with safe, effective products. Furthermore, you can be sure that our veterinarian has prescribed the correct treatment or medication for the diagnosed condition. Buying directly from our online pharmacy offers you convenience, and the ability to rest assured that your pet’s health is not being compromised by products that are ineffective, or at worst, dangerous to his or her health.

For your pet’s health and safety, we strongly suggest you consider these facts before making the decision as to where you buy healthcare products for your beloved pet. You can rest assured our pharmacy is stocked with quality products from reputable companies. All our medications are stored in proper conditions and are within the expiration date. We make every effort to keep our products priced competitively so that you never need to look elsewhere when considering your pet’s needs.

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