Integrity, Service, and Excellence

When Seconds Count,
We’re Staffed 24/7/365


When Seconds Count,
We're Staffed 24/7/365.


Integrity, Service,
and Excellence


When seconds count…….

Lakeside Veterinary Hospital in Carbondale is committed to providing excellent service with integrity. Whether you bring your family pet to our veterinarian for a routine visit, or in an emergency situation, you can be assured that your pet will be treated with patience and compassion. We will work closely with you to make sure that the appropriate medical treatment for your pet’s individual need is provided. Our loving veterinarian and our professional, caring staff will treat your pet as they would their own.

As your reliable veterinarian in Carbondale, our focus is to provide the most comprehensive 24-hour Emergency and Urgent care available. We have teamed up with many of the best local veterinarians in our community to provide top quality care. We can perform an ultrasound, digital x-rays, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, and more, in a timely manner, to assure your pet has the best possible outcome. When seconds count, your pet is our PRIORITY, and that means having every tool available at a moment’s notice.

Besides treating dogs and cats, our animal hospital is equipped to treat exotic animals such as rodents, reptiles, and birds, etc. All animals are welcome at our clinic!

If you’re looking for a veterinarian in Carbondale to spay or neuter your pet, we specialize in performing this surgery. We know this can be an emotional decision, so please give us a call if you have any questions about spaying or neutering, such as the pros and cons, or what is the best age for this procedure in your particular breed. We would be happy to provide you with any information you need to make an informed decision.

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Our Veterinarian In Carbondale And Marion Offers Exclusive Pet Health Services

Our goal as your family veterinarian is to make your pet’s health our top priority. To accomplish this goal, we take an overall wellness approach, providing preventative care, vaccinations, nutritional information, innovative techniques such as laser therapy, and more. For your convenience, we have set up an online pharmacy as well.

We are committed to providing Integrity, Service, and Excellence as your trusted veterinarian. For more information on the services provided by our animal hospital, please take a look around our website. We are ready to help,
so please contact us online or by phone to schedule an appointment. You will be happy you made the decision to choose us as your veterinarian in Carbondale, and look forward to meeting you and your family pet!

For 24-hour Emergency and Urgent Care, or to make an appointment today, call (618) 529-2236